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Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood by Varsha Bajaj

"My life is a plate of perfectly edible but ordinary scrambled eggs. I want them savory, creamy, cheesy, and maybe with bacon on the side."

Albert Whitman & Company

Release date:
March 1st, 2014

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Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood

What's the one thing you want most in your life? Abby Spencer wants a life of excitement!

Well, sort of. Actually, that's a lie. All Abby really wants is to meet her father. It's not that she's ungrateful for what she has - nice mom, adorable grandparents, great friends - but she feels like something's missing. And she'd never tell anyone that.

Abby knows her dad lives in India, but she's never met him and doesn't know much else about him. But Abby's mom realizes it's time to have the big talk. It's time for Abby to finally meet her father.

But does he want to meet her? Is Abby ready for the truth? Abby's about to find out that her dad lives a very different life in a very different country and she's going to experience it all, for better or worse. This is what happens when all your wishes come true...

Buzz for Bollywood

"Abby's extravagant travels and first romance are enough to satisfy and amuse." Publishers Weekly

"Readers will want for Abby what she wants for herself - to find her place in her two families - and should be touched and satisfied by the story's ending." - Kirkus

"Cue the string quartet! Abby Spencer is about to get her biggest wish, to meet her real dad. But wishing could never prepare her for the cross-global adventure that she has to take in order to find him. There will be potholes, belly dancers, and a first crush. There will be cringes and sighs. Above all, there will be an undeniable change of heart, all in a satisfyingly good way."
- Kathi Appelt, author of Underneath (National Book Award finalist) and The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp

"Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood whirls you to new places, introduces you to lively characters, and builds to a crescendo of action, romance, and humor. A cinematic musical of a book! Be prepared to applaud." - Jennifer Ziegler, author of Sass & Serendipity and How Not to be Popular

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