Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood

Albert Whitman & Company

What thirteen-year-old Abby wants most is to meet her father. She just never imagined he would be a huge film star―in Bollywood! Now she’s traveling to Mumbai to get to know her famous father. Abby is overwhelmed by the culture clash, the pressures of being the daughter of India’s most famous celebrity, and the burden of keeping her identity a secret. But as she learns to navigate her new surroundings, she just might discover where she really belongs.


  • Crystal Kite Winner for the Texas/Oklahoma region.
  • Finalist Cybils award for middle grade fiction 2015
  • Spirit of Texas Reading Program for Middle schools 2014-2015
  • Scholastic book Fair catalogue.


“Cue the string quartet! Abby Spencer is about to get her biggest wish, to meet her real dad. But wishing could never prepare her for the cross-global adventure that she has to take in order to find him. Above all, there will be an undeniable change of heart, all in a satisfyingly good way.” —Kathi Appelt, author of Underneath (National Book Award finalist)

“Readers will want for Abby what she wants for herself – to find her place in her two families – and should be touched and satisfied by the story’s ending.” —Kirkus reviews