As an author and speaker, Varsha Bajaj, visits schools and facilitates workshops for both kids and adults. Her experience ranges from teaching creative writing with Writers in the Schools, to leading small groups, and speaking at conferences.

  • Varsha customizes her presentation to meet the particular needs of schools and students.
  • A full day presentation at a school would involve 3 presentations varying in length between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the grade level.
  • A sponsor’s expense would include honorarium, travel expenses and lodging if applicable. Neighboring schools can share the cost of a full day’s visit.
  • Varsha is happy to sign any books that are sold during a school visit. Schools typically order books prior to the visit from the publisher (at a discount) or from a local bookseller.

Some presentations that I have used over the years are:

Rhymes, Counting and Reading (Pre K and K , 1 and 2):

Lively interactive presentation with songs and the kids add a verse to “How many Kisses do you want tonight?”

The Life of a Writer

From the idea to the Library shelf (3rd to 8th grade): the journey from the conception of an idea to the published book.

Kids participate in a “play” and assume the roles of the writer, the editor, the agent, the bookseller etc. to “experience” the process of writing and publishing a book.

Virtual Visits

It’s not quite the same as being  present in person, but Zoom’s the next best thing! If your students have already read one of Varsha’s books, consider arranging a 30 to 45-minute reading and discussion or Q&A for a modest fee.

Libraries, Conferences and Literacy Panels

Varsha is energized and thrilled to be a part of events that spread the joy of reading, writing, and literacy. She will gladly share her thoughts and love of books, the need for representation and diversity in literature.

“Varsha Bajaj came to our campus to share her book Count Me In and inspired our students to better themselves and our world. It was wonderful to see how our students were able to connect with her. She has an easy way about her that allows students to feel comfortable to share their thoughts with her.  We would love to have her back for an author visit!” – Kerry Ann Thomson, Teacher-Librarian, Jessup Elementary

“Our students immediately connected with Varsha Bajaj as she described her process as a writer and a reader. They were inspired by her stories to believe that they can help make the world a better place. In our end of the year review, multiple students remembered Varsha Bajaj’s visit as a highlight. We can’t wait for her to return!” – Melissa Buron, Librarian, Arabic Immersion Magnet School

“Varsha is a delight to host! She and I were able to connect for a virtual author visit during the Summer of 2020 after our school quarantine in the Spring. She shared with the students about the story behind COUNT ME IN, which resonated with so many of them in response to the George Floyd events that were in the news. She spoke to them with such honesty, and they shared such hope because of her openness. She has a wonderful way of connecting and relating to middle grade students. I highly recommend inviting Varsha to your school or group to experience her warmth and expertise.” —Karyn Lewis, Teacher – Librarian, Memorial Parkway Junior High